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PowerDown Lighting Systems

PowerDown Lighting Systems is a licensed electrical contractor (CA Lic C10-944859) specializing in energy efficient lighting and related services. We are based in Northern California and are fully licensed and bonded. With our sister company on the east coast, we offer the following services.

We can help you do the job

PowerDown is fully trained and certified to provide these professional services to architects, designers, other contractors, property managers, and landlords

  • Investment grade audits
  • Labor augmentation
  • Project management
  • T24 inspection, compliance and completion certifications – all levels (we will be fully HERS certified when the final class has been presented – call for status).
  • LEED certification

We can do it for you.

PowerDown has a 12 year history of successful lighting projects including retrofits, upgrades, and re-design/re-engineering. We can execute a new or retrofit project from concept to completion. We’ll inspect your project, advise you of any incentives, tax breaks and finance options, handle the paperwork, and complete the job. Our long list of satisfied clients include Levi Strauss, Stanford Medical Center, UC San Francisco, Yahoo, Meyer Sound, Jabil and many more. Please call us at 415 987 3352 if you want to discuss your project requirements.

Californians: We’re on top of Title 24 v2013. Are you?

California Title 24 version 2013 is the most ambitious set of energy codes in the U.S. today. After delays, it affects most new construction, tenant improvements, and lighting retrofits begun after August 2014.

  • You must be in compliance with the expanded requirements of earlier versions just to get a building permit. You must have additional inspections and certifications to obtain a permit of occupancy. Not knowing how to handle these new rules could delay your project, inflate its cost, and increase your work dramatically. We can help.
  • You need the proper certifications, which require nearly 100 hours of training for the Acceptance Testing certification (and you must be a certified general electrician, PE to qualify).

Why put yourself through it, when you can hire us for a single project at a fraction of the time and cost of a full time staffer.
Be smart. Do what you do best and call us to handle the hassles for you.

Call now to discuss your project or schedule your Title 24 inspection and certification. 415 987 3352


With energy costs rising, incentives declining or leveling off, and costs increasing, lighting requires more experience to understand and maximize the returns on your energy investments because you can see as well as use it. Many businesses are looking to reduce their energy costs by switching energy provider, as switching can help save hundreds in business energy gas costs. For lighting, PowerDown’s principals have a long history of embracing new, more efficient technologies in order to bring its customers the most “bang for the buck.” . Along with our sister company in Baltimore, MD, we partner with other quality firms with whatever expertise we need to get the job done right.

If you need help or resources for a lighting project, design consultations, great quotes on premium materials, labor, etc. Give us a call.

We Bring Savings To Light™

Don’t Throw Money Away!

Are your lights more than 5 years old?

You could be throwing away good money by ignoring them. And it’s getting worse because energy costs are going up and along with the cost of materials due to the emergence of LED technology.

Cut Costs and Go Green
Cost-containment is critical to your organization’s health. But today’s environmentally-conscious consumers want you to be or go “green.” Can you please them and grow your bottom line too? Absolutely!!!We’ll Show You How Investing in energy-efficiency lighting will provide immediate big savings, while your customers praise you for “going green”. Better, incentives from a variety of sources often will pay for a big chunk of your job. Best, whatever you wind up paying, you’ll get back faster than any other “green” measure you can take – usually in less than a year. PowerDown® specializes in designing and installing energy-efficient lighting in businesses like yours: office buildings, stores, warehouses, factories, parking facilities, etc. Our service is end-to-end, starting with a site analysis, followed by with high-impact design, installation, and maintenance or replacement under warranty. We’ll get you the maximum savings possible from a new or redesigned lighting system. And we’ll do the paperwork to get you all the grants, discounts, other incentives you’re entitled to from a variety of funding sources you may not know about. Amazing ROI’s Many businesses see 100% return on their investment in just a few months, thanks to our Smart-Green™ designs and generous incentives from utilities and governments. We can cut your lighting energy cost by up to 80% and increase your lighting effectiveness at the same time. In most cases, the utilities pay for a good part of the job – sometimes they’ll even refund past overcharges you weren’t even aware of. With new construction, we often can save big on material and installation in addition to cutting on-going energy use. So you win twice (How’s that for a win-win deal?) Solar Too PowerDown now can has the capability of add renewable solar energy generation to your building, using the smart-green strategy of “first reduce, then-produce”. This means we’ll first lower your energy needs before we size your solar plant. Result: you won’t pay for more capacity than you really need. If your solar contractor hasn’t done this already, give us a call. We’re dedicated to saving you money. Free AssessmentContact us. Let us assess your site and give you a no-cost proposal. You’ll get the facts and information you need to make a smart decision and keep hold on to more of your money. There’s no risk. You can’t lose.