GESA (Green Energy Sustainability Agreements)

We were selected as the lighting designer and retrofitter by Green Energy Sustainability Agreements, a consortium of investors and energy-reduction contractors, to design and install new lighting systems for a nine grocery stores and warehouses in the Mid Atlantic. GESA provides turnkey green energy transformations in new or existing food marketing businesses.

Any Mountain Sporting Goods We redesigned and replaced the lighting systems in three retail stores and storage facilities, replacing energy-guzzling metal halide lamps with architectural high-bay fluorescent on the main sales floor. In addition to substantial in energy savings, the stores are brighter and more attractive, and their managers, sales people, and customers all very happy. “Customers can see what they’re buying now,” said one happy staffer, after we were only half-way done with the first store. What’s more, we came in under budget on two stores, passing on even more savings to them!

Large Furniture Retailers

We replaced or retrofitted over 20 retail stores and warehouses with new energy-efficient lighting systems. Components include new luminaires, lamps, ballasts, and lighting controls.  We found rebates to subsidize a substantial portion of the costs, lowering each firm’s outlay to less than 25% and payback times to under 1 year.

Jelly Belly Candy Company

We replaced existing lights in corporate offices with more energy efficient systems. After seeing our work, we were engaged for a feasibility study that showed substantial savings could be realized in their warehouses while improving the amount of light at the same time. Subsequently, we’ve received approval to commence the first projects.

National Car Rentals, San Francisco (in the SFO Rental Car Center)

Before we replaced their “industry-standard” Metal Halide fixtures in this two year old facility, customers complained the light was too dim and their cars were hard to find. We doubled the lighting level and cut energy costs by 64% at the same time, by installing our amazing new UltraPark ™ parking luminaire. It’s the only fixture in its class that meets or exceeds all IESNA standards, while consuming a mere 48 watts per luminare.

Discount Builders Supply

PowerDown retrofitted light fixtures throughout the store, changing the ambient light color to daylight. Result: they saved 60% on their energy bill. And talk about bang for the buck! People ask if they’ve remodeled their store (when the only thing visibly changed is the color of the light.)

Levi Plaza, San Francisco, California

Interland Jalson, management company for the Levi Plaza complex, is extremely pleased with the results of the installation of EnergySaver™ units in their parking garages. The garages are showing approximately 23% reduction in energy. At 24/7 usage, the installed EnergySaverswill pay for themselves in under three years. This is in addition to the previous 60% reduction due to retrofitting the fixtures from T12 to T8 lamps and delamping.References and contacts are available upon request.