PowerDown Lighting Systems™ solutions provide big energy cost savings and increase employee productivity.

Energy Cost Savings

You’ll see lighting-energy cost savings up to 80% immediately.

These savings will continue month after month until your outlay is recovered. Thereafter, they go straight to your bottom line. Best of all, they will increase as the cost of energy goes up.

In addition to direct energy savings, you’ll save even more, thanks to:

  • reduced HVAC costs because our components produce less heat
  • lower on-going material and labor costs thanks to premium quality components that need replacing less often.


Increased Productivity 

The new systems are spectrally enhanced and optimized for the type of work being done at the site. 

Studies show that people are make fewer mistakes and are generally more productive when the light they work under approaches natural sunlight and the light-level is appropriate for the work being performed. They feel better, make fewer mistakes, work longer, and have fewer injuries and accidents.

These improvements have a big impact on sales too. In fact, studies show that customers buy more when the  light in a store approaches natural sunlight.Spectral enhancement costs not a penny more than ordinary light. So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by implementing it.